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New Music: Jasmine Hormez “I’m Ready”

0 Comments 07 December 2010

On the music front, check out new artist Jasmine Hormez’s latest single “I’m Ready“, which is available in 3 versions on iTunes. While this addictive pop song is plenty fun in it’s original version, the solid vocal performance and strength of the songwriting are showcased on the sparser Latin & World remixes..

Jasmine is an emerging artist that combines classic pop music infused with a smooth R&B/Soul attitude. Many have watched her open for Lil Wayne, Day 26, Omarion, and J Holiday. At 20 years young, Jasmine is ready to make a lasting impact on the music world with her debut EP, “The Rest of My Story.”  Still an indie artist, Jasmine has been weighing her options at major labels. Label meetings have put her in front of music execs such as Def Jam’s The Dream and Sha Money XL. According to Def Jam’s Senior VP of A&R, “Jasmine has an unique sound and look that identifies with some of my favorite artists like Rihanna, her edge is like FeFe Dobson. She’s a pop-star.” – (Sha Money XL).

Jasmine goes against the grain in a society that places such a heavy emphasis on sexual appearance. Instead of showing a lot of skin or focusing on her beauty, she’s more involved with staying true to herself and to her art. She says, “I feel and experience the same thing every other 20 year old does but I don’t see an equal representation of who we are as a generation. All of the customary subject matter remains, but I approach it in a way that I’m comfortable with. I can still be sexy and cute without having to compromise either myself or my values.”  In fact, a lot of young girls have been mimicking her hip, classy, and sleek look that has become her signature.

With a goal of creating quality music, Jasmine has perfected her songwriting under the production of music heavyweights like Checkmate Music Group (Raven Symone), Steve B (Michael Jackson, Beyonce), and Billy Schleifer (Dr. Dre).

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