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New York Fashion Week: BCBG Max Azria Fall 2009

3 Comments 15 February 2009

Bravo Max! I love this new fall 2009 collection. And I will tell you why. My predictions a few days ago were to see how designers have been affected by our current world economic events. And as you know, fashion is always a great prediction of how the ‘economic’ world is going to fare. Now I am no genie in the bottle and nether are the designers. But what I am seeing here is hope. Gorgeous gold’s, silvers, satins, and grays embrace the runway. Including creams and velvet crush blues, with lovely suede gray ankle boots. Now I say ‘hope’ because I predict an upturn in the ‘classic look’. With a lot of classic designs. Very chic indeed.
And what a great usage of gold. I am seeing a real trend here with the usage of bright metallic being incorporated in the outfit as a whole. Perfectly executed, as the gold portrays a real wonderful fashion trend that we will all being taking advantage of this year. Plus, my prediction of ‘gray’ was very apparent as well. I am really happy to see this color isn’t being overused. But truly being an accent, with the shoes, and a few key pieces. But what positive news in the fashion world! Great things lay ahead!

Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer & Editor, West Coast 2009

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  1. Emma says:

    Great article! Very nice collection. I like how they could all wear gold tightts with their different pieces of clothing.

  2. I do like the usage of gold in these looks, but the color palette is way too drab for me. It actually doesn’t make me feel hopeful at all — it just seems rather depressing and somber… The gold tights add a bit of sparkle but, beyond that, I think the collection is a yawner…

  3. Lisa Brower says:

    One of my faves too this season. I have labeled Fall/Winter 2009 “Depressionista”. I am loving the stark look of it all…..

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