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New York Fashion Week, Fall 2008, Best of the Best, Temperly London

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Temperly London (source)

Thank ye gods for Temperly London…IMHO, Temperly London is the best of the best for New York fashion week, fall 2008. If I had to see one more “Working Girl” 80’s inspired business suit, I was going to hurl…but luckily TL saved my sanity.

I’m not gonna pretend that these ensembles would all look good on my buxom frame. I’m also not going to say that I’m entirely on board with the dress+motorcycle gloves combo. But I think that this was one of the most imaginitive lines to hit the fall ’08 runway without going overboard. It had the perfect balance of Vanity Fair glossy fashion-as-art and hey, I wanna wear that to the movies next week.

I think that the standout from Temperly London’s line had to be those awesome chain belts (inventive, but not too over-the-top) and the princessy layered flirty detailing on the dresses.

Don’t have runway dollars, but want to get the flavor of this look in your closet? Target has a red and white wrap dress that mirrors the Temperly London dress (above) for only $17.49 (but my neighborhood Target has it for $12.00)…I put it back on the wrap yesterday because I wasn’t sure, but I’m having second thoughts now.


Merona Wrap Dress, $17.49Â

Thanks for joining us in our Fashion Week coverage…hope you can take away some of our tips to incorporate the hottest new runway looks into your wardrobe.  Have a fashionable weekend!

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1 comment

  1. Oscar says:

    i enjoyed your blog, you have a new subscriber. It’s like the female version of mine! We should do something in the future, keep up the good work!

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