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New York Fashion Week Fall 2010: 3.1 Phillip Lim

1 Comment 19 February 2010


Wednesday’s showing of the 3.1 Phillip LimĀ  line for Fall 2010 made for several instances of thinking, “Ooh! I love that! What is it?” While there was some hint of disco-era glam, Lim also playfully added in some backlash to go with it. Yes, there were sequins, but they were tempered with chiffon overlayers. Glam was consistently paired with smart-looking partners, like thick, warm capes and tall boots.

While there was almost a sweetness or innocence in many pieces, there were one or two – a deep purple sequined and black wrap dress comes to mind – that were nothing short of drop-dead gorgeous. And Lim didn’t stick as closely to the gray-black-beige color palette as a lot of other designers did. In addition to the levity imparted by the sequins, there were also touches of pink, gold, blue, and periwinkle. Thank you, Mr. Lim. Fall 2010 suddenly looks a little brighter!







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  1. Wow. Following Fashion Week has made me see that not all collections are just runway pieces. Some can actually be worn. Like this collection. Very cute outfits.

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