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Nicky Hilton’s Jewelry Line – A Promising Collection for Accessory Lovers

0 Comments 31 August 2010

Los Angeles, CA – Fashion model, entrepreneur and fashion designer, Nicky Hilton, has launched her first-ever jewelry line of contemporary accessories and jewelries. This is where she ventured into after launching her own celebrity clothes and modern clothing line, Chick by Nicky Hilton, and handbag collection for a Japanese company, Samantha Thavasa, in 2004.

Taking a path in jewelry designing seems to be the subsequent rational step for a faltered celebrities fashion designing career that still has to delineate a target audience.

However, when Hilton’s first line of silver jewelry debuted, it is apparent that the socialite great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the Hilton Hotels, has now started a business that could last long enough to succeed. This jewelry line may possibly be included in the celebrity fashion trends.

Hilton’s celebrity fashion style and entrepreneur history may have influenced her jewelry designs as well as its prices. Although the fashion model’s themes are not that unique or novel, her jewelry styles have always been included in the collection of accessories for years. A few of Hilton’s jewelries include literal Deco references, a story of refined spikes and curved serpent rings. (See Figure 1 below)

The potential success of Hilton’s celebrity fashion trend may be because of the conveyance of its motifs. With a price ranging from $82.50 to $740 and an average price of about $200, Hilton’s collection of accessories are introduced as pricey items, yet they are presented with the substance and appearance of elegant accessories that are just reasonable at its present worth.

Generally, Hilton apparently knows what type of jewelries can catch a woman’s eye. If she can use this ability to make a celebrity fashion style into something innovative, then perhaps she may have found her forte in the fashion industry. Before this comes to reality though, consumers can only settle on several highly shop-able accessories that can surely catch their because of its affordability.

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