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Nicole Richie Injured in Car Accident

0 Comments 08 October 2009

Nicole Richie Shaken Up After Car Crash
Nicole Richie went to Cedars Sinai Hospital after her car was rear-ended by a photographer in Beverly Hills Monday afternoon. Husband Joel Madden rushed to the scene to console his shaken but uninjured wife, who was driving without her bodyguard when she was hit from behind. The photographer involved in the crash was arrested for driving without a license. Richie left with a friend to the hospital for precautionary measures.
Monday afternoon clothing and jewelry designer Nicole Richie was in a car accident on Wilshire Blvd. in Beverly Hills when a papparazzo in the car behind her rear ended her Land Rover. He was driving without a license when the accident happened and was arrested at the scene. The cars were not at a traffic light when the accident took place, but police would not say if the driver that hit Richie was speeding or not.

Police reported that Richie complained of pain, but wanted to seek treatment on her own, so no ambulance was summoned.

The police confirmed that the driver of the car that hit Richie, Edwardo Arrivebene was arrested for driving without a license. Police didn’t know if there were passengers in Arrivebene’s car. Richie had an unnamed adult passenger in her car. Richie just gave birth to her second child, son Sparrow, last month. Richie and Joel Madden also have a daughter Harlow who is two. Neither child was a passenger in the car at the time of the accident.

Later, People magazine confirmed that Richie went to a hospital later in the day, accompanied by her mother. Her car was reported to have “moderate” damage.

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