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Nourish Your Winter Skin With Astara Skincare!

0 Comments 25 December 2008

Discover the natural healing powers of water! Introducing the Aquatherapy Body Care Collection by Astara Skincare!
Astara has created products that improve the skin’s health, functionality and appearance. Using ingredients found mainly in the marine environment. Aquatherapy works with the body’s natural composition, making it highly effective on the skin!

Formulated with essential minerals and beneficial plant extracts. The Aquatherapy Body Care Collection contains four products that work to boost the skin’s natural defenses. And help to prevent the visible signs of aging, plus deliver nourishment and hydration. The result is soft, smooth, and gorgeous skin! Here are a few products from the collection that I personally love!

Spirulina and Sea Mineral Soak

Feed your skin and eliminate harmful toxins with this nourishing elixir loaded with vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients! A synergistic blend of seaweed and botanical extracts, the Spirulina & Sea Mineral Bath Soak will greatly improve the body’s balance and the mind’s focus. Whilst leaving the skin silky soft and smooth to the touch!

Aromatic Seaweed Body Wash

Formulated in a sulfate-free base of Aloe Vera Sea Kelp and essential oils. The Aromatic Seaweed Body Wash gently cleanses the skin of impurities. Leaving you refreshed and energized! My personal favorite!

To enjoy more of this wonderful collection go to!

Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer & Editor, West Coast 2008

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