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O Mag’s EXCLUSIVE on Jennifer Lopez & Kohl’s Line

0 Comments 06 September 2011

The O Mag’s EXCLUSIVE on Jennifer Lopez & Kohl’s Line focused on the line and they really received positive reviews from women all over the world. This line is filled with lots of surprise as they have gone out of the way to give women clothes that will make them look sexy without being trashy. As mothers and ladies, dressing the body according to the shape and size you are in can be really a hard task especially if you do not get the right size to fit you.

Jennifer Lopez is widely acclaimed to be a diva but this collection s for the modern day woman who wants to feel comfortable, confident and not afraid to show what they have. The O Mag’s EXCLUSIVE on Jennifer Lopez & Kohl’s Line has been adopted by other women like queen Latifah who prefer this lien since it makes a statement without making an effort. It is a worth try since the creator is an acclaimed stylist and a celebrated musician who has been in the fashion industry for such a long time. Being a lady does not necessarily mean showing off some skin to be attractive. It is all about dressing to feel really good and comfortable in what you have on.

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