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On The Look Out for a New Designer Jean Line Recession Denim

0 Comments 07 October 2009


Daniella Siri believes that every woman has a right to stylish denim wardrobe pieces, and to make it easier, she created a denim line called Recession Denim. The styles included in the Recession Denim pieces are very similar to the styles seen on the runway in 2009, yet they cost much less than what high-end designer denim is going for these days.

Recession Denim was launched in April 2009, with a collection featuring high quality classic jean silhouettes that should be in style for a long time. The line starts at $85 and goes to $120. Couture jeans cost quite a bit more than that. Good material and great fit are the focus, and Recession Denim has only a small white label announcing the brand.


The idea is that you can buy classic denim that will last many seasons, and then splurge on new tops or other new pieces. There are over 50 Recession Denim boutiques, with most of them in the US. The latest collection features motorcycle jeans, denim leggings, and denim skirts and dresses.

Motorcycle jeans, pictured below can be found at Bloomingdales and other Recession Denim boutiques for under $100. Super skinny jeans like these can go with graphic tees, chunky sweaters, or even this fall’s “boyfriend blazer.”


Your browser may not support display of this image.

A slightly dressier look can be had with tuxedo pants like those pictured below:


Your browser may not support display of this image.As you can see, they don’t sugarcoat your figure, so you have to be fairly brave to wear them. Again, however, longer tops can help balance out your narrow-fitted bottom half. And of course since they’re black, they go with everything.


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