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Paris Hilton Wins Lawsuit

0 Comments 20 August 2009

Daredevil Paris Hilton shows off her courageous side as she swims with sharks and stingrays during a paradise holiday

Paris Hilton

It isn’t often that Paris Hilton and National Lampoon make the BBC News, but Hilton just won a lawsuit in Miami in which she allegedly failed to properly promote a National Lampoon film project she participated in. Investors in the film were asking for $8.3 million in damages, saying that Hilton failed to promote the DVD release of a movie called Pledge This!

Worldwide Entertainment Group sued Hilton as well as her company, Paris Hilton Entertainment, earlier this year for breach of contract. The plaintiff’s firm is now out of business and claims that Hilton’s neglect of her promotional duties directly caused the film to be a flop. Pledge This! played in 25 cinemas and made less than $3 million worldwide.

Hilton disagreed, saying she did what she could to publicize the movie. She said that the producers’ spur of the moment demands for appearances interfered with her schedule.

While she was found not to be liable for the $8.3 million the film lost, she may still have to pay the defunct firm $1 million that she was paid to appear in and produce the 2006 comedy movie.

Hilton’s attorney expressed gratefulness for the judge’s “time and thoughtful consideration of the issues in this case.”

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