Part 1: Follow My Journey As I Spring Into Step With Reebok ‘EasyTone’

0 Comments 23 April 2009

Reebok has designed the new EasyTone sport shoe for women. These shoes are specifically designed to ‘tone’ your legs. Targeting the hamstrings, gluteus maximus and calves.

Well hello my sporty enthusiasts’! If you read my last article on EasyTone, you will know by now all about this ‘delicious new sporty goodness’. As I like to say.

It’s the gym that goes with you. Step by step – the EasyTone shoe will work out your legs like now other. Now I am almost into a month of wearing this shoe. And as casual as it seems, I have gone from feeling the ‘breaking in’ pains of walking in them. I must admit, it sure does add that extra work out when I am walking! By the end of my day, I was tired! Just like coming out of the gym. But I have beaten all the odds. And stuck at it!

Now when I wear my EasyTone shoes, they fit like a glove, and even the initial ‘extra’ work out that I felt. Actually subsided, and turned into a more ‘enjoyable’ walking system.

Now in my spare time, I can’t be without them. They have become my second nature, and my ultimate comfort when walking. Like a kid with a blanket,I miss my EasyTone’s when they are not with me.

Have I felt and seen a difference in my calves, buttocks (gluteus maximus) and legs overall? Yes absolutely! My legs are tighter and firmer, upon appearance. Which makes me almost wish there was a way to adjust the gradient of work out, which is prompted when walking. Just in case you wanted to really feel that gym work out!

But what a great shoe and design. I am still trying to get those Tina Turner calves. Check in next month and I will let you know for sure…

Cheers to happy walking!

Go to and check out EasyTone sport shoes for yourself!

Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer, Editor 2009

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