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Plaid Blazers Love or Hate?

0 Comments 14 March 2011

Plaid never seems to go completely out of style, yet a lot of women shy away from it, thinking it looks to schoolgirl-ish. However, if you choose wisely and know how to wear it, a plaid blazer can look very grown-up and sophisticated. Plaid jackets have been photographed on stars like Gwen Stefani, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and Jennifer Carpenter this winter.
How do you pull off this look?

Keep in mind that even subtle plaids make a bold statement. Think of a plaid blazer as a statement piece, and keep the rest of your outfit simple. Head-to-toe plaid rarely works, and neither does mixing plaids in one outfit. If you’re plaid shy but want to try the trend, try a fitted plaid blazer in a single-breasted style, and wear it with simple black sweaters, jeans, and boots.

It also helps to keep scale in mind with plaids. If you’re tiny, a great big plaid may look overwhelming, and if you’re tall or large, a tiny plaid may look like upholstery. And remember: just because one plaid doesn’t work with your look, it doesn’t mean you’re out of luck because there are so many plaids to choose from.

Are you wearing plaid this winter? What do you think of this trend?

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