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Platinum 101: From Fine Jewelry Trends, Platinum Finally Makes It’s Mark!

1 Comment 09 January 2009

Platinum Wedding bands embedded with diamonds is the perfect choice for engagment rings

Platinum is pure, rare, and eternal. Unlike gold, it is almost impossible to discover the qualities that make platinum the precious metal that it is. Whether you are choosing to make platinum a part of your jewelry collection. Or for that very special moment -such as an engagement. We have got some Platinum 101 Facts to let you know why platinum is your choice of fine jewelry.

Platinum and diamond Distinction Bridal engagement ring. With matching platinum Identity Pavé wedding bands for her and him

Platinum is Pure

Platinum’s purity makes it hypoallergenic and ideal for those with sensitive skin. And with that brilliant white luster, purity endows within it. This pure reflection also helps to show the true radiance of diamonds. Because it is generally 95% pure (18 karat gold is 75% pure), platinum jewelry does not fade or tarnish and keeps its looks for a lifetime!

Platinum is Rare

Platinum is rare, the coveted treasure of discerning individuals. There is very little platinum on this earth and it is found in very few places around the world. This exquisite metal is 30 times rarer than gold. Platinum’s rarity makes it exclusive and distinctive – a celebration of your individuality!

Platinum “Delicate Leaf Wedding Set” with diamonds

Platinum is Versatile

In addition to its strength and density, platinum has another remarkable quality – pliability. This quality has enabled jewelers to create some amazing versatile platinum mesh accessories, which could not be fashioned from other precious metals.

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