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Post Golden Globes Hair Wrap-Up! By Hair Stylist Robert Vetica For Salma Hayek and Kyra Sedgwick!

1 Comment 15 January 2009

For this season’s Golden Globes, celebrity stylist Robert Vetica created
two of the most glamorous looks on the red carpet for Salma Hayek and Kyra

Salma Hayek’s Sleek and Sexy Style

Products used for Salma Hayek’s look:
Moroccanoil Treatment for beautiful, extra shine and smoothness.

To create Salma Hayek’s sexy and slicked-back style, Vetica started with
wet hair. “I worked Moroccanoil(TM) Treatment through to detangle and smooth
out split ends and then dried the hair straight using Moroccanoil Hydrating
Styling Cream to give added shine and smoothness,” he explains.

Salma Hayek wore a Boucheron $250,000 diamond hair wrap which was specially
made for her, and the key was to keep the hair looking sleek.

How to get Salma’s look!

- Vetica pulled the hair back into two ponytails, the first one from ear to
crown to opposite ear and pulled it back low at the nape of the neck.

- He pulled the remaining hair into a second ponytail, directly on top of the
first, back-combing it to give extra lift and to add texture.

- Next, he braided each section, turned them under and attached them at the
nape of the neck. The double braid gave the effect of a unique textured
thickness that made the look fresh and new. Then, he wrapped the diamond
band around this double braid for a simple but chic effect.

Kyra Sedgwick’s Golden Globes Look!

You kind find the products used for Kyra’s look at Moroccanoil. That Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream added shine, definition and eliminated frizz!

Kyra Sedgwick’s look was reminiscent of Rita Hayworth, but more delicate
and loosely curled. He then pulled it back to show off her face with
cascading hair when she turned. He wanted the hair down but still elegant, and
Hollywood and fresh.

How to get Kyra’s look!

- Kyra’s hair was blow-dried to a smooth finish with a touch of Moroccanoil
Treatment, directed away from the face using a strong spray gel to hold her
hair up and away from her forehead.

- The back of the hair was curled inward to create wave and volume. Vetica
used a heat styling spray to protect the hair and to help give a firm hold
to the swept back look.

- Vetica brushed Kyra’s hair back from the front, to keep it away from her
face. The final look framed her face and cascaded into waves when she
turned. Vetica finished the style by rubbing a small amount of Moroccanoil
Hydrating Styling Cream through his hands, smoothing the hair and adding
shine to finish and refine the look.

Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer & Editor, West Coast 2009

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  1. RK says:

    Both Kyra and Salma looked great. Kyra’s gown especially is gorgeous.

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