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Prada: A Hot Trend in Sunglasses 

4 Comments 05 March 2010


One of the hottest trends on runways has been the influence of the type of 1960s fashion showcased in hit television series Mad Men, and Miuccia Prada’s recent collection, which just hit the runway in Milan, is no exception. These are womanly, classic styles that include sheath dresses, frilly and feminine cocktail dresses, and the type of classic cropped pants Mary Tyler Moore wore on The Dick Van Dyke Show.


Another change from recent years with Ms. Prada was the use of slightly curvier models, who often look best in these tailored-yet-simple 60s styles. It all distills down to femininity, and that is also reflected in this year’s trends in women’s designer sunglasses: womanly, generous, curved, and classic. The oversized styles of the past few years are as evident as ever, though they, too have taken a more classic turn. Only this time the classic turn is in terms of color. Palettes in oversized sunglasses are trending more neutral: dark brown or black frames with lenses in grays and browns.   
Two perfect examples of the oversized shades that should be considered pending classics are the Prada SPR 09L 7ZK-4V1 and the SPR 18I 1AB-3M1. Both of these fall into this oversized, feminine, classic colored sunglasses that perfectly complement the clothing shapes that have been taking the runways by storm the past couple of seasons.

The first style (SPR 09L 7ZK-4V1) comes in Bilberry plastic frames with violet gradient lenses. Note that in this case “violet” doesn’t refer to pop-art light purple, but rather to a gray that is just kissed with a bit of violet, and which is very flattering to a wide range of skin tones. These top quality sunglasses are made in Italy and have 100% UV protection. The frames are a little heftier than some of the oversized styles have been, so they look fresh and new. They’ve been spotted on singer Christian Aguilera who in recent years has adopted a more grown-up look.

The second style (SPR 18I 1AB-3M1) has frames that are both square and curvy in glossy black. Gray gradient lenses provide great viewing comfort as well as 100% UV protection. These beauties are made in Italy as well and have been seen on Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie, two very feminine, fashion-forward women.

The oversized, womanly sunglasses trend isn’t going anywhere soon. They’re just too perfect for accenting work clothes during commuting time, yummy jeans and cashmere on the weekends, and any swimsuit during the summer. Colors for these styles are trending more classic and neutral, which makes it easy to find styles that go with a variety of wardrobe colors.

And speaking of colors, the world of sunglasses hasn’t forgot about them. Colors in frames and lenses are showing up in some of the old-school classics like the Ray Ban Wayfarer. The Wayfarer is making somewhat of a comeback – “somewhat” because the style never goes away completely. There are always going to be people who go for the reliable style and function of these awesome shades. But now you can get them in candy-pop colors like bright turquoise, pink, and blue. The Ray Ban Aviator is showing some more color these days too, including a yummy bubblegum pink that is sure to be coveted by stylish women everywhere who want a bit of fun in their sunglasses wardrobe.

Bottom line? Sunglasses are more beautiful than ever, so there’s no better time to protect your beautiful peepers from glare and UV damage while looking fabulous.


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  1. fajne czapki says:

    Beautiful sunglasses:)

  2. The latest Prada collection will definitely be a big hit this summer. Its good to see that classic, vintage look are coming back in the fashion scene.

  3. sunglasses says:

    I love fashion sunglasses.

  4. Dream Team says:

    Flight 9 is poetic justice at its best. Being that the shoes name is derived from his Olympic number while leading the Dream Team

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