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Rihanna – Why Her Style is a Trend

2 Comments 07 June 2010

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Do you want to copy the look of the world-class pop singer Rihanna? You can now master the fashion sense of Rihanna!

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If you are not afraid to show some of your little skin, then it’s time to learn how she managed to become a fashion icon with these few simple steps: You can go casual with a pair of  jeans and match it up with a nice simple top to work the look well. Then dress it up a little by wearing heels with your jeans instead of going with the usual jeans, shirt and sneakers. Be bold and bare some skin! If you want to be sexy but still classy, be formal and bare some skin.

However, be careful not to expose too much skin. This is why our idol Rihanna loves fashion designers, because they know she wants. If you are done with your outfit, you can now pay attention to your make up. But just make sure that it would fit your outfit. If you were just heading to your school, light makeup would be fine, but if you are in your finest gown, your makeup should look as fabulous as your dress. Are you having a bad hair day? No! You should take time to make sure your do looks flawless and bouncy, because your hairstyle is always a part of your outfit. Lastly, you need to accessorize to go with your whole look. Our idol Rihanna is always wearing jewelry, either fancy or real; she doesn’t care at all, because she can carry it all!

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2 Comments so far

  1. Rebecca Machalek says:

    She sometimes has a very strong makeup look, but she can afford to as her whole look is kind of “pressed and pampered”.

  2. chelette says:

    i love rihanna style and i try to copy as much as possible

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