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Robert Pattinson Looking for Fresh Blood?

1 Comment 07 December 2009

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Robert Pattinson, hunky heartthrob of teenage girls everywhere is accused of breaking co-star Kristen Stewart’s heart by refusing to be committed to a serious relationship. Rumor has it that he is becoming “friendlier” with his agent, Stephanie Ritz, and that Stewart is quite unhappy about it.

Says a “source” close to Pattinson, “He’s become a lot more reclusive and there’s a growing distance between him and Kristen.”

Other sources, however, say that Pattinson and Stewart are busy looking for a house together.

Meanwhile, Pattinson, in life-size cardboard cutout form, is causing concern among Brits as a possible swine flu vector. According to the Sunday Telegraph, the cutout, at the Reel cinema in Crewe now bears a notice saying “Please help reduce the spread of germs by refraining from giving Edward, or any other character for that matter, a kiss or a hug.” A number of girls were coming in and having their picture taken with the likeness, and apparently, some of them got a little too enamored of the replica, planting kisses on it while their friends snapped pictures.

For those keeping up, the scorecard now reads that Pattinson is either single or not single, depending on the source, and that the cardboard cutout of him in Crewe is single by reason of quarantine.

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  1. What is all this fuss about a 109 year old virgin? Teehee. Sorry. Just couldn’t help myself. He’s too pale for my taste.


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