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Sandra Bullock has Left the Building 

0 Comments 22 March 2010

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Talk about a letdown. Sandra Bullock, 45, takes home an Academy Award and looks great doing so. Everyone’s happy for her, and thinks it couldn’t have happened to a nicer person.

Then there are reports that her husband had, or is having an affair. With a woman who modeled a “Nazi bikini” for a website called “Angry White Boy.” Nice.

Latest reports are that Bullock is not living under the same roof as James at the moment, and really, who can blame her? There are even rumors that James himself has posed for a picture for the same website doing a Nazi salute. Let’s hope Bullock’s lawyer is taking lots of notes right now.

Bullock has canceled public appearances, including attending the London premiere of the movie The Blind Side (for which she won the Oscar).

The two met in 2004 when she toured the set of the Discovery Channel’s program Monster Garage, which James used to be in. The two were wed a year later at a sunset wedding on a ranch north of Santa Barbara and gave every indication of being a happy couple. Until this, that is. Perhaps the one bright side is that Bullock will have all the sympathy and none of the blame if current versions of James’ actions are true.

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