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Britney Spears (source)


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Let’s get the record straight…I love satin. I love it in ribbons! I love it in bows! I wear it on my hair and on the tips of my toes! (Okay, I’ll quit with the Dr. Seuss puns…).

By this gallery of celebrity fashion horrors, I think that it’s plainly obvious that satin is not our friend. Once ironed, it cannot withstand the dangers of sitting down or even being barely touched. It easily snags and well, isn’t forgiving when it comes to concealing wide hips, thunder thighs or that spare tire around your belly.

In short; satin isn’t always a great choice for dresses.

But don’t give up on this lovely shiny fabric alltogether…in moderation, satin can be your friend. I love satin accessories, you know, ones that won’t attract attention to my hips? If you love satin as much as I, but fear the wrinkles, snags, and other pitfalls of this develish material, then try this super hawt and feminine necklace from Juju Leroux…cute with jeans and a tee or to punch up a dress made out of a more forgiving fabric.


Juju Leroux, Azavache Flor Necklace, $105.00

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