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Say It Ain’t So…The Return of Boho?

3 Comments 26 June 2007


Nicole Richie (source)


Katie Holmes (source)

The writing is on the wall…flowy Stevie Nicks-inspired crepe dresses, tiny leather vests…we are only one celebrity sighting of cowboy boots away from the official return of boho chic. Oh yes, it’s on it’s way, although it may not be named as it was a few years ago, or may be called, like, hippie couture. Whatever.

While overly flowing dresses, tunics, headbands and cowboy boots with evening dresses may not be your deal, I can still see the appeal of this look. It’s casual, it’s comfortable…it’s kind of fabulous. I think that I can live with a minor return of some of the elements of boho, in moderation of course.

If you aren’t afraid to be the first on your block to bring back this in and out style again, then check out this super cute bag from Jaeei Handbags…fabulous fringe and details on this handmade leather bag are just what ever fashionista is looking for in the latest it bag. Long accent scarf optional.


Jaelei Handbag, Elegante, $ 396.00

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3 Comments so far

  1. Joanne says:

    Boho comes back into style every summer… I think the loose, relaxed & carefree style will always appeal to people in the warmer months.

  2. Joanne says:

    Boho will never go out of style, it fades out a bit sometimes but always comes back. Why shouldn’t it? It suits so many! It gets updated often so will sometimes be more glamourous or rock chicky so its adaptable to peoples tastes aswell. Or people can just add some boho accesories to their outfits…you don’t have to go all maxi floral print dresses and flip flops. :) Personally, i love a bit of boho!

  3. katherine says:

    I love boho and am glad that it’s coming back! I’m only 14 and quite small for my age so I don’t suit maxi dresses much but I’ll definitely be buying some boho accessories this summer :)

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