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Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds Skip the Shop Talk

0 Comments 01 July 2009

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Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson recently told Entertainment Weekly that she and her new husband, actor Ryan Reynolds, don’t discuss their careers when they’re chilling at home.

Johansson and Reynolds married in a private ceremony last fall, and they believe that by not bringing work home and chatting about movie making, they allow each other to simply be themselves. Said Reynolds, “We don’t have a lot of work talk around the house. We both prefer to just be ourselves at home. There’s no competition between us – we just don’t talk about it.”

They’re not the only famous filmmaking couple to leave the shop talk at work, director Sam Mendes, who directed his wife, actress Kate Winslet in the recent movie Revolutionary Road, says that when the two work together, they avoid bringing work home to keep some sanity in their home life, and because they’re basically too tired at the end of a long day on set.

However, when they are working on separate projects, they’re fine discussing it. Mendes said, “It can be really enjoyable because you’re hearing what’s going on on the set and what her problems might be tomorrow, and that’s really interesting.”

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