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Seacrest Designs, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By Raquel Franco

The American Idol host is now entering into the fashion industry. USA Today announced that the Ryan Seacrest is coming out with a new line of tees, tanks, distressed polos and sweaters for men and women. Seacrest quoted the designs as, “basically, Hollywood, music, pop culture and humor.” The R line (for Ryan) will debut in Marshall Fields department stores throughout the Mid West. At the end of the summer the line will be showcased in Bloomingdale’s, Scoop, Fred Segal and Lisa Kline. Stars like Kelly Ripa, Rob Thomas, Will Smith, Kelly Clarkson and Lindsay Lohan have already been strutting the R Line t-shirts. Seacrest said, “When my friends sparked to these designs, I said, ‘Let’s take this to the next level.’ ” The Idol star is even thinking about thinking the line even further to beauty products and interior design. Who knew that the radio star had all this in him?

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