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Sex and the City 2 Shoot Included Rustic Conditions 

0 Comments 18 May 2010

The press conferences about the upcoming Sex and the City 2 are continuing apace, and on Sunday in New York City, Sarah Jessica Parker alluded to rough conditions on the set. Part of the movie was filmed in Morocco, and Kristin Davis, who plays Charlotte, apparently succumbed to unspecified intestinal troubles. “We didn’t even have a bathroom,” Parker told reporters. After a few more tidbits about Davis trying to keep her malady a secret from the rest of the cast and crew, the brunette beauty laughingly interrupted SJP, saying, “You don’t have to tell them everything!”

Parker went on to say that the shoot was “one of the greatest experiences of my professional life,” describing the sunrise and sunsets in their remote location, and riding a camel with Kim Cattrall. But when it came to the plot, which is shrouded in mystery, Parker and Chris Noth, who plays Carrie’s husband, most well known as Mr. Big, were not forthcoming with details. Noth did divulge, however, that “An event happens that could possibly be poisonous to their relationship.” But Parker places the blame for the situations the ladies find themselves in squarely on their own choices, telling reporters, “we come home, frankly, a little wiser.”

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