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Shapiro Quits as Lohan’s Attorney

0 Comments 20 July 2010

The latest celebrity news is that lawyer Robert J. Shapiro has quit as Lindsay Lohan’s attorney just as the star is scheduled to report to jail for a probation violation in a 2007 DUI case. Lohan had been staying at a sober living facility, but abruptly checked out on Monday. Shapiro said that he agreed to represent Lohan on the condition that she not try to appeal her jail sentence and report for it as scheduled.

Once Lohan is behind bars, she won’t be setting any new celebrity fashion trends. For one thing, she’ll be wearing the L.A. County Jail uniform, and for another, she’ll be separated from the general jail population for her own safety. Whether she will receive any special perks (such as access to a cordless phone or a new rather than used jail uniform) remains to be seen.

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