Sienna Gets Shorty

0 Comments 11 October 2005

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Sienna, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

By: Wendy Owen
The reigning queen of bohemian fashion has shorn her locks much to the chagrin of fashionista’s everywhere.
Is this new hairstyle a sign of changing fashion? Will others follow suit?
For a long while now, long and flowy locks have reigned supreme in Hollywood. Everyone from Mischa Barton to Jennifer Anniston has worn their hair a little looser lately. Stars like Lyndsay Lohan keep flip flopping from one hairstyle to another, but most starlets have opted for longer hair.
Since Sienna usually has the final word on what’s hot in the indie-boho scene, do you think that others will follow her example? Is the era of sexy (but messy) bedhead a thing of the past?
Which celebrity do you think has the best hair of all time? Let your voice be heard!

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