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Sienna Miller Hooks Up Again with Jude Law

0 Comments 16 November 2009

Sienna Miller meets a female friend for a walk with her dog Bess

Sienna Miller

Miller, 27, and Law, 36, are both appearing on Broadway right now. She plays the title role in After Miss Julie, and he stars as Hamlet in the Shakespeare classic.

The olive branch apparently went out from Miller when she invited Law to her dog Bess’s birthday party. Law is the one who gave Miller the dog as a birthday present. The two have reportedly met up a few times in New York City and have got along well. They are, however, keeping everything as quiet as possible because of the public nature of their break-up a few years ago. That split was caused by Law’s affair with his children’s nanny. At the time, the two were engaged. But even though the engagement was cancelled, Miller kept the ring he gave her and still wears it.

One way the two have been able to keep things under cover in New York is with the help of Jonny Lee Miller (no relation to Sienna), who co-stars in After Miss Julie and who is one of Law’s best friends. His role is to throw the paparazzi off track by escorting Sienna in public to where Law is staying. Law and Miss Miller are mostly left alone in New York as long as the paparazzi don’t find them.

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