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Simple Or Extravagant?

0 Comments 08 October 2010

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You may not have noticed, but the fashion world has recently been doused with a seemingly strong rift in its direction. Fashion trends today are veering in very two distinct directions, the term today given to the great divide is the minimalist versus the opulent.

Now some of you may have seen the two words put together in a title or heading somewhere and got a little confused as to the lingo of these fashion trends. Don’t fret! The essential way to determine the difference between these two directions as we like to call it, is basically simple and extravagant. Simple for the minimalists, and extravagant for the opulent, this is actually what the terms really mean.

So how do we see this new direction of fashion trends today? I am positive that you have noticed the designs that seem to be way out there in terms of expressiveness and eccentricity. We see clothes today with all sorts of intricate patterns, seemingly wild cuts, and colors that just simply make us look. This is really what the opulent side is all about. A perfect example of the opulent to the next level would be singing and more importantly fashion icon Lady Gaga, who dresses to the extravagance that she simply wants.

Now for the minimalist, one may think that this goes along with being conservative, but that is not the case. The minimalist merely chooses clothes that have a more simple color and may be design. This doesn’t mean however that plain cuts and colors will do. The cuts of the clothes must be excellent despite being simple. The color although not as eye-catching as those of the opulent fashion trends, should still be well thought off. An example of the minimalist would be rapper and producer Jay-Z, who opts for the simplicity of a black and white look, although spiced up.

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