Snow Junkies

0 Comments 27 November 2012

With the passing of Halloween and the end of another baseball season, a sport usually affiliated with summer, the thoughts of many outdoor enthusiasts turn to another part of the calendar.

This part of the calendar contains a little of the white stuff falling from the skies.

The first snowfall sends snow junkies into a frenzy. They can take the favorite outdoor equipment such as skis, sleds and skates out for a test drive that lasts three to four months. Those snow hounds that live in higher elevations get to enjoy the white powder a little longer.

Are winter enthusiasts hard to shop for when it comes to gifts designed for those cold months? Not with a little creative thinking. A quick check of the internet or use of the nether reaches in a person’s brain can produce some ideas that are a little off the board.

Any winter aficionado will tell you the best-dressed person has a little fun and stays comfortable at the same time. Winter clothes such as fluffy jackets, snow-compatible scarves, head gear designed to block the sun from blinding eyes, sunglasses and sensible boots and snow pants can make the next trip fun yet enjoyable.

A winter-weather lover likely has all the latest goods to make his or her trip fun. Look at the equipment and get a few ideas for gifts from that. Perhaps a person’s skis are a little shopworn from plenty of use. A whole new set of skis, skates, a snowboard or a sled can make a person’s day and help pass the time during those cold months. The new gear contains technology that can help lengthen the life of the product (better construction, etc.) and provide plenty of good times.

If you have a special someone or know somebody that would love a winter vacation, perhaps to a ski resort or a common winter destination, this might be the time to find some great vacations online. This is peak season for a lot of places, so don’t expect to find too many bargains, but they are out there. Someone you know might have dreams of skiing at Lake Tahoe, for example, and a Tahoe getaway might make them scream with delight. Take along an item like a GoPro HD camera to shoot plenty of pictures for preservation later on.

When all else fails, there is always the tried-and-true item that can’t go wrong. Many outdoor stores and specialty shops sell gift cards. Can’t think of that specific piece of equipment that your winter sports lover can rattle off in one second? Present a gift card, say have at it and that person will always know you indirectly got them the gift they wanted.

Winter is a fun time to enjoy the snow in numerous ways, but a little imagination can make a good winter a great one for the snow junkies in your life.

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