Spring-Cleaning Gets Glamourous! Easy & Inexspensive Organizational Tips From Lisa Adams, Renowned Luxury Leader!

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Spring is here, and it’s time to lighten your load. Lisa Adams, closet designer to the stars and green-luxury leader, can help! Adams and her company, LA Closet Design, have procured a list of easy, organizational ‘must-do’s’ that work as well for a Hollywood starlet’s hideaway as for a suburban family of four. Following these simple and inexpensive tips is sure to result in a less-chaotic, leaner, and cleaner home!



1) Literally, start thinking “in the box.” Using baskets and bins to help contain the smaller/ loose items in your closet is a great way to keep things organized and under control. Pull-out tie and belt trays and pull-out slats are an organized way to store your ties, belts, pants and scarves. Baskets and bins are also great for playrooms, living rooms, kitchens and family areas.

2) Start organizing one room at a time, and organize the room in sections. Organize until you can see the kitchen countertop or a section on the floor, and then move on to the area adjacent to it. Think in terms of baby steps to organization.

3) Make the organizing process fun! This might require changing your mindset – even telling yourself that you are exercising and burning calories. You can turn on some music and ‘exercise-organize’!

Lisa Adams also recommends visiting her website,, for a wide array of products that assist with maximizing organization, including storage boxes, shoe accessories, specialty hangers and laundry baskets.

Source: Lisa Adams -LA Closet Design, PR

Article (featured) by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer, Editor 2009

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  1. Kristin says:

    Boy, did I need this inspiration. Now if only I could have a gigantic walk-in to put all my newly organized belongings!

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