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Spring Hair and Makeup Trends

23 Comments 04 March 2008

Tell your winter makeup and hair to take a hike for a while…it’s spring and it’s time to lighten up that look! Black nails with a floral print sun dress? I think not. Check out these cute spring hair and makeup trends to update your look for this season:

Glossy Bangs/Hair:


Rachel Bilson (source)

Heavy bangs are SO Fall 2007…but I still love them anyway. Bangs are always good for masking a high forehead and are a great way to change up your look without making a drastic cut. Even if you hate the bangs, you gotta appreciate a glossy mane, so don’t skimp on the conditioner and go easy on products for a hi pro glow.

Side Ponytales:


Carrie Underwood, LC and Ali Larter (source)

I pretty much owned the side ponytale look when I was a kid in the mid-eighties, and I’m glad to see it making a comeback. This is a really cute look to pair with a spring dress and is super easy. Whether you air dry, curl or leave your hair straight, a side ponytale is a great spring look.

Pixie Cut:


Rihanna (source)

Short hair is so not for me, but if I were ever to make the cut, this is what I would do. I just love a pixie cut; it literally transformed Rihanna from a typical pop tart to a stylish divette overnight, and is a fresh look for spring. I much prefer this look to Beyonce’s myriad of weaves and bad wigs, so take note B, Rihanna’s got you beat in the hair department.

Navy Nails


Eva Mendes (source)

I just love the look of dark vampy nsils, but with birds chirping and not a cloud in the sky, it seems a little too goth for my tastes in the spring. You can still get that look for spring with deep navy nails. It will not only work with a cute nautical beach look, but is also great when paired with a spring dress or lighter colors.

Blue Eyeshadow:


Kate Hudson and Katie Holmes (source)

Blue eyeshadow is a great spring alternative to dark smoky eyes…it truly complements eyes of any color and is a surprising change. I was hesitant about blue eyeshadow until I tried some of the new paint pots from the MAC Fafi line (did I mention we are GIVING SOME AWAY?) .

This spring, give some of these simple trends a try…it’s as easy as buying some blue eyeshadow and throwing your hair in a side ponytale!

Your Comments

23 Comments so far

  1. JB says:

    Im really loving the navy nails!! Next mani Im giving it a shot

  2. Oxford says:

    Lovely hair styles…..

  3. danielle says:

    I’m very surprised that navy is so big this season, in nail color, clothes and in makeup.

  4. Anonymous says:

    heavy bangs are sooo fall 2007? are you kidding me…you don’t know what your talking about…Heavy bangs are kool right now!!!!

  5. steph says:


  6. abbi says:

    i dunno, i dont think rihanna’s new hair matches her, but im slowly getting used to it :P

  7. Cindy says:

    I love heavy bangs, but the hairstyles on Rihanna and the bangs on Rachel Bilson are not that flattering in my opinion. Blue eyeshade looks cool on Katie Hudson!

  8. Jilashli says:

    Im not so big for Rihannas short hair, but thats just me :D
    I liked this “Rihanna Haircut” more. But I guess it was time for a change :D
    Side swept bangs are a spring look

  9. Theresa West says:

    I totally love Eva Mendes look. I am wearing the same hair colors she has in her photography. It helped soften and brighten my sun kissed complexion. Dark nails are extremely hot!

  10. Mike says:

    Nice post. Rihannas short hair rocks :)

  11. My wife has Rihannas hair cut and it looks really great.

  12. Amanda says:

    i love the side ponytail look! i think it goes with any kind of outfit and you can style your hair all different ways in the side ponytail. im glad its coming back into style and its easy to do!!

  13. Jenna-Lynn Geary says:

    I liked how eva mendes wore the dark blue nail polish. I think dark nail polish is a good look for the colder seasons. I think it goes nicely with fairer skin tone.

  14. Nicola says:

    I have the heavy banged haircut like Rachael Bilson but my hair is jet black and my skin is pale but it really shapes my face, its a great hairstyle to make you look younger too..!

  15. Anonymous says:

    load of rubbısh…heavy bangs are pure wınter! ıts tıme for sıde sweepıng now gırls!

  16. I like the first pic without the bangs.. she looks older with the bangs. I love Eva Mendez look, even if she will not do much on her mouth or any facial expression she will always look good. Always. I love her looks.

  17. Fashionista_Jen says:

    I love the navy nails. They all look great with their hairstyles.

  18. yst says:

    i like Side Pony tales the most and also navy nails

  19. Roxanne says:

    I loved the heavy bangs but I felt there was just too much volume but that is just my opinion :) I also liked the side ponytail <3

  20. fungirl says:

    Have you ever tried white or very light fingernails, paired with navy toes and some cute sandals. Fresh, crisp and clean. Not dark and goth!

  21. Callie says:

    Rachel Bilson is my absolute favorite!!! Also…Rihanna short hair inspired me to cut mine :)

  22. annesaneries says:

    Love navy and navy nails BUT Eva’s nails look sort of messed up in this pick, they are concave as if they have been filed inwards.. Not so keen on this look

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