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Steal This Style: How-to Dress Like Rihanna

29 Comments 22 February 2008


Rihanna in D&G (source)


Rihanna in Gucci (source)


Rihanna (source)


Rihanna with orange pumps (source)

Where did this girl come from? It seems like this time last year, Rihanna was nowhere to be seen on the fashion radar, but then she went to Paris and pulled a major Katie Holmes on us.

The Proof:


Rihanna at the 2006 Billboard Music Awards

Her old look was definitely “eh”…not terrible, but nothing to blog about. Classic dress, classic shoes, classic long hair. Utterly forgettable. Now, every time she steps out she looks like a million bucks. You know, if I was a celeb, I would have whoever is dressing her on my speed dial.

Dressing like Rihanna is no small feat, and it certainly helps if you have a killer young bod like she does (I think she won some “best legs” in the biz award from Venus razors last year or something). But, it can be done. With these few tips, you can get under her umbrella-ella of fashion with ease. Here’s how to dress like Rihanna:

1) Hair: If you are looking for a major fashion overhaul, then you have to start with the hair first. Rihanna ditched her Mariah Carey-inspired locks and opted for an edgy pixie cut instead and it SO works. Not only does it disguise her very high forhead, but her pixie cut gives her new couture pieces a much better canvas to play off of.

2) Clothes: It’s obvious that Ri has access to the greatest designers in the world and thus, the greatest looks. While we all can’t afford to strut it in Gucci every day, we can still take cues from their look. Rihanna’s look is very distinct, so pick out distinct (read: avant-garde, not gaudy) pieces to stand out from the crowd. Instead of a plain top under your blazer, add a lacy top with a pencil skirt and bright colored shoes instead.

3) Accessories: It must be noticed that Rihanna’s accessories have gone from bland to fierce. I have never wanted orange pumps more than I do now. Look for fierce but femme clutches, unexpected colors with an all black ensemble, and over the top earrings and bangles with a pretty top and skirt.

Your Comments

29 Comments so far

  1. Brandy says:

    By looking at these photos it is obvious that Rihanna looks Stunning where ever she goes. Although fans always see her in dresses and never in just some jeans and a regular t-shirt. I wonder if the Grammy award winner will suprise us with a new look at her “Girl’s Night Out” concert brought to you by Escada’s Moon Sparkle. The sweet, fresh, spring smelling fragrance can be found in stores like Macy’s, Sephora, and Dillard’s. Additional cool gifts are included when purchased like a free music download along with Rihanna’s new cd. For more information log on to Don’t the smells sound amazing?

  2. Oscar says:

    Not diggin the first photo ( silver dress), other tahn that id say she one of the best dressed celebs

  3. Cindy says:

    I agree with Oscar, the silver dress isn’t flattering on her. Love especially the second dress (green-blueish), that looks fantastic!

  4. Gary says:

    I am a huge Rhianna fan..I still agree with Oscar not a fan of the metallic dress! I do a lot of shopping for my girlfriend at Bleu and alot of the clothes she is wearing…they have a Bleu…I better not let my girlfriend she this blog, Bleu has sale this weekend and I will be bankrupt!!

  5. Rudy says:

    Very-very sexy … I love u Rihanna!

  6. Victoria says:

    I wish they showed Rihannas street style too! What she wears off the red carpet is equally as covetable. She wore a Qi Cashmere duster over a cute dress and you can have it too! It’s available at! Check it out!

  7. Michelle says:

    oh wow Gary, i shop at Bleu also…they have fantastic clothes. I’m so busy now that i really haven’t been inside the store in awhile. I google them and i see they have a website I am back in business now. Rihanna looks fab in whatever she wears.

  8. strutstaff says:

    I love Rihanna’s style everytime i see her in photos she always looks amazing. I do agree with Victoria they should show off her streetstyle more often because she does that perfect too.

  9. allen says:

    i love you rihannah your hot and cute i love your hit disterbia im a big fan of you your sexy

  10. magy says:

    u look like somebody who didn’t eat, come on try to dress a little bit like a star and i know that u wanna be like a fashion girl but not just too much.

  11. alisha says:

    hiya i love all your pics i was on a website and there was pics of you and they where sexy looking.xo

    i love all our sings

    the best one was take a bow

    i love you xoxo

  12. tayla says:

    I love you and i love how u dress.

  13. Olga says:

    I love how you dress, & your hair style is even more beautiful you always look fabulous!!

  14. i have a 2009 calendar of rihanna. she’s so beautiful, is she thinking of designing a line?

  15. Thandekile Khumalo says:

    i love the way you dress and everything about you and the were u are and sometimes i wish i could be you am your biggest fan.

  16. Laura says:

    I Just Love Rihanna soo muchh ! . Am Even Goin Next Month To Get Le Tattoo She has from her neck Down ;) Love It xx

  17. lola says:

    i love the way she dresses it inspires me to dress just like her and to act like her she is soo well brought up! im sure she excels in everything she does

  18. old woman says:

    Put some clothes on her butt! She ain’t innocent walkin around with her anatomy hanging out in the front and back. One of the dresses had a square cut down to her navel. What she do to that boy?

  19. kimba says:

    I love the way Rihanna dresses she is a big influence to me in music, fashion and acting. Hopefully when I get older I can be just like her. All my friends say I’m a wanna be Rihanna, but i don’t care cause I would love to be like her.

  20. nora stewart says:

    I love her so much her style is amazing and I like her haircut. I dont care what she does ,she can do no wrong in my eyes and I think people will continue to support her cause she’s good at what she does Rihanna keep up the good work and I love you so much!

  21. natalia natalie says:

    Rihanna is my girl!!!! i love her style, hair, everything! i dont care what anybody says about her she is the best!!!!!! She can do no wrong in my eyes!! stay yourself!!! love ya,

  22. angela says:

    rhianna listen to yourself and take a bow, u are an extraordinary young lady. Dont ever let a man stand in ur way…see u at the top!!!!!

  23. Lisa says:

    I absolutely agree with you guys, they should of shown more pictures of her street style. Like wearing a t-shirt with a logo on and a basic pair of jean!

  24. I think Rhiana Looks better in short dress for cutie than those in long ones. I think she looks cutier and better with it together with very high heels. But she looks better in any other way, looks better with fame :)

  25. Rihanna is a major it qirl in the industry riqht now and im very happy for her .. A few of those dresses aren’t so flatterinq on her but i must aqree with the masses her punk-chic style is much more thrillinq to look at.

  26. insi says:

    She is so pretty!

  27. Rihanna is a major it qirl in the industry riqht now and I’m very happy for her .. A few of those dresses aren’t so flattering on her, but I must agree with the masses her.

  28. charlotte says:

    I love with Rihanna’s hairstyles, that suit her and her face is always glowing…………..please tell us the tips.

  29. sonia says:

    rihanaaaaaaaaa i love uuuuuuuu

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