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Scarlet Johansson, originally uploaded by leFashionista.

Where did this girl come from? Remember that scrawny little girl from “The Horse Whisperer” and later the angsty teen from “Ghost World?” Who knew she would become such a knock-out? Like many stars, she started out gawky, sort of doing the punk look, sort of doing the trashy club look. Nowadays, Johansson has really been able to shine in 80′s inspired bright colors or retro 50′s and 60′s lady-like looks.

Lately, Johansson has really been proving herself as an actress in dramatic films like “Girl with a Pearl Earring” and “Lost in Translation” as well as her latest, “The Island.” What many fans may not realize is that behind the scenes, Johansson has also become a top-notch model.

Lately, Johansson has become the face for Calvin Klein’s “Eternity Moment” perfume, as well as a runway model for “Imitation of Christ.” And who better for such classic fragrances and Indie-lines? Johansson is one of THE It girls of the Indie scene, yet has a really classic look. Be it a simple Gap sweater and jeans or full-on 50′s pin-up glam, Johansson really knows how to shine.

Get her look:
Even if you don’t have ample, um, assets, full lips and a tiny waist, you can still get classic glam! Here is what you need:

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