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Stylish Eyeglasses for the Fashionista

3 Comments 21 September 2009


Natalia Black – $44.95

You can feel good about getting your new
eyeglasses from GlassesUSA because they’re not just in it for profit, they want to help those less fortunate too. Any eyeglasses that are returned to GlassesUSA aren’t restocked like in other optical stores, but are donated to organizations around the U.S. that sanitize them and distribute them to people all over the world who need glasses but can’t afford vision care.

If you’ve worn prescription eyeglasses for any length of time, you know that seeing properly is not just a luxury but a necessity. EyeglassesUSA is committed to making sure that as many people as possible have correct vision. The company has two offices: one in New Jersey, and the other in Israel. Prescription eyeglasses are produced at both sites in order to bring the newest available styles to customers as quickly as possible.

One of the benefits of new glasses (besides better vision!) is that a new pair of glasses is almost like a makeover. The right eyeglass frames can take your look from edgy to professional to fashion forward, and eyeglasses are much more fun to try on than most things.


Kim Black – $44.95

Have a look at the Kim Black Full Frame Prescription Glasses from GlassesUSA. This style is at the leading edge of fashion, with a slightly edgy yet feminine look in a rectangular frame with rhinestones on the side pieces. And the low prices are great for the fashionista on a budget. With GlassesUSA, you can get different glasses for different occasions so that you always look your best and see your best.

Here’s an extra bonus for you: Use the coupon code Mommy5 and get 5% off your final order!

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  1. It’s great to see some designs using rhinestones. It adds up the fashion and styles on the accessories.

  2. great and cool eyeglasses. this really enhances ones personality.

  3. Anonymous says:

    your styles of glasses are very nice

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