T-Mobile G1 Phone Review: A Shopper’s Best Friend!

4 Comments 10 December 2008

T-Mobile G1 Phone, about $179.99

How many times have you been out to dinner with friends, and you just couldn’t remember the name of that girl that was in that movie you like? Or what about the time when you were on your way to a job interview and totally got lost? Ooh, or what about the time when you were out shopping for a new pair of leather boots and wished you could find out if there was another store in the mall that had them at a better price?

With the G1, I was able to get help with all of these scenarios right at my fingertips. Comparable to the Apple iPhone, the G1 is the ultimate web-enabled all-in-one mobile device that will help you get through your day. Complete with Google android technology, this phone enables you to easily surf the web almost anywhere and at any time, listen to your MP3′s, text, IM, check your email, take pictures, is a GPS and oh yeah, it’s also a high quality cell phone.

My tech-savvy husband found it to be pretty comparable to the iPhone in terms of ease of use and the quality of the applications (I know nothing about the technical side). I just know that I enjoyed being able to entertain my 2-year-old by pulling up a YouTube video (Looney Tunes, naturally) while we were waiting at the doctor’s office. We even were able to find my lost wallet at a store with the use Google Maps…we searched for the store (Target) and we were able to instantly bring up the address and phone number and the G1 dialed the number for me. Instead of having to drive back to the store or call information for the store number, we found it all on our own with the G1.

My only complaint about the G1 phone is that there is no way to take videos. The photo quality is pretty good, as long you can keep the camera (and your subject) still. In the end, it wasn’t such a big deal though because I already have a good quality video and digital camera that I would prefer to use anyway.

One of the really cool things about the G1 is their “Android Market” which is already installed on the phone. This market is a gateway to all sorts of cool applications that you can add to your phone to customize it just the way you like. They have a ton of free applications like games (Pac Man, Light Racer, etc.), shopping and fashion applications (My Closet, ShopSavvy) and even fitness programs, cooking programs and much much more. I was surprised to find something new and useful every day, and I still probably haven’t discovered everything there is to use.

So if you’re still scratching your head about what to get for your shopaholic sister or electronics junkie boyfriend for the holidays, then check out the G1.

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  1. ShamWow says:

    well these are some really nice stuff.

  2. Brendan says:

    Google android technology – wow that’s saying something! Hey it’s Google’s what can you expect? Really nice features.

  3. Today G1 Mobile Phone has been a demand of the day. Its features make it the king of all mobile phones in the market today. As per the records mobile phone has become necessarily for life and if we talk about which is the best Mobile Phone then it’s the Google’s Android that is counted first.

  4. april_so_presh says:

    WONDERDUL is amazing..if u dnt like touch dnt have to touch it.. it has a track ball..if u like the touch screen better then the key pad.. u can touch scrreeen txt also..AMAZING PHONE FOR AMAZING PEOPLE


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