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Taylor Swift Launches Sundress Line Sold Exclusively at Wal-mart

38 Comments 29 January 2009

Taylor Swift – Image: Talaya Centeno

Singer Taylor Swift may have found her fashion prince, according to WOMEN’S WEAR DAILY.

The 19-year-old country singer, whose album “Fearless” has topped the charts for the last seven weeks and includes the hit single “Love Story,” has linked up with Jones Apparel Group’s L.E.I. brand to be the face of its spring and fall ad campaign. The line is sold exclusively at Wal-Mart.

For the February delivery, there will be three styles – a tie-back dress, printed tie-back dress and printed tier dress. Two additional styles are planned for a March 1 delivery. All dresses will retail for $14.

Swift said she plans to wear the dresses throughout the spring and summer, as well as when she’s on tour.

“These are my favorite things to wear,” she said. “When we were designing them, we had so many ideas to work from, and it came down to creating dresses that I would wear. If I couldn’t see myself wearing them, I wasn’t interested in making them.”

And as for Wal-Mart, Swift said she is truly a dedicated shopper.

“I go to Wal-Mart all the time,” she said. “The one in my hometown of Hendersonville, Tenn., is open 24 hours, so I go there a lot to buy DVDs and stuff like that.”

Source: Women’s Wear Daily

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38 Comments so far

  1. Sundresses says:

    Wow I love sundresses, even in the dead of winter. Thanks for starting this new line of sundresses Taylor, since I can afford Wal-Mart.

  2. arcel says:

    simple but still elegant!

  3. dawn rivard says:

    omg!!!! my friends and i LOVE these dresses so much!!!!!!! libby, abby, and i can’t wait to go out and get our own Taylor Swift Sundresses to wear to our high school spring fling!!!! thanks taylor for making them and selling them cheeper then those other dresses out there! can’t wait for them to come out!!!! THANKS A BUNCH!!!!

  4. Brooke says:

    omg! i love the sundresses that you wear Taylor. They are so cute. I’ve turned into a big dress freak in the last year so im always looking for new ones to get. :). and now i can find cute cheap ones at wally world..yay! Thanks Taylor! Your truly awesome!

  5. Olivia says:

    I am so going to get one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. bella says:

    I LOVE SUNDRESSES!!!!!!!! thanks soooooooooooooooooo much 4 havimg this clothes line!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Kate says:

    These are wicked cute!!! :D

  8. Ellie says:

    I got one of these sundresses yesterday, a red polka-dot tie-back. the solid colors don’t do much for me though.

  9. Kayla says:

    I got the black tie-back one. It makes me look amazing. I love it so much, and I’m not even a fan of Taylor Swift.

  10. Amber says:

    i love the sundresses can not wait till they come out

  11. Nancy says:

    omg!!!!!!!!!!!i am a big fan and i love your clothes that u wear i hear about your sundress line on the radio on my way to school. i went home and told my mom about them and they were going to be 14 dollars and i wanted one. the other day we were at the store and i saw them and i was like omg!!!!!!!!! i want one. i try it on and the chest area was to small.i am sort the length was good and me and my friends are bigger chested then most but we still want one. can you help.thank a lot Taylor u are a great role model

  12. taylorfannumber1 says:

    i love taylor swifts music and now sundresses AWESOME!!!!!!!!

  13. Madison says:

    heyy taylor swift :)
    i am your biggest fan ever all of your songs are mostly kinda about my life :) i love them :)

  14. Jazzmine says:

    I will be wearing all sundresses this summer!!!!

  15. amy says:

    She is so thoughtful. It’s really nice that she hasn’t like made them all really expensive and hard to get, she’s so so down to earth.

  16. Brooke says:

    hey these r so cute im soo goin to get one!!!

  17. Lizzie loves Taylor!!! says:

    I can’t wait to get one they look great on you I’m begging my parents to take me to walmart today…OMG I can’t wait!!!

    —Lizzie P. thats me!!!

  18. Jules says:

    i usually don’t buy clothes at walmart because they don’t fit me right.. but when i came across these uber cute clothes line from taylor swift.. i was just stoked. these are 1) cute 2) affordable 3) aweeesome!. I’ll be sure to wear these for spring and summer. they’re so cute!

  19. Brianne says:

    Heyyyy Taylor Swift this is bre and i like your sun dress at wal-mart and i love the one were is has white and blue stripes if you know what one i mean bye love: bre :))))))))))).

  20. Kate says:

    I’m so excited to take a look at all these dresses! I always love Taylor in them, they are elegant and still way cute! I’m not much of a dress person, but I plan on finding one that I love! Thanks!

  21. shannia says:

    i love your dresses and i can’t what to get one.you sare the best taylor , they are so awsome .and you are even awsomer taylor swift

  22. isabella says:

    wow i love these dresses!! My friends and i are getting them…thanks Taylor for designing them :)

  23. Anna Kate says:

    I already know what im going to be for Halloween, you!!!! i will probably use one of your dresses!! You are my favorite singer!!

  24. TaYlOr SwIfT says:

    wow guys! thanks for the messages im so glad we all can enjoy these dresses because thats why i made them!! XoX i love you all you girls:D

  25. Ingrid says:

    Taylor I love u and I’m so excited that u came out with ur own sundress line, I love sundresses!!!!!!!:) ur my favorite singer and I was so excited when I got to meet u at the Country Fest!!!:) Lov u

  26. Ingrid says:

    or anyone else who wants to check it out!!!!!!!!!

  27. megan says:

    i love your out fits you rock peace

  28. Sarah says:

    Taylor! i so love the dresses that you wear! i love you! you are my favorite and you have been my favorite since i heard your first song!! you rock! i wish i was lucky enough to meet you……hey i can always dream can’t i?! thanks for startin this line of dresses and making them so affordable! thank you so much Taylor! i <3 u!

  29. TAYLOR says:


  30. Carlee says:

    i LOVE taylor swift.
    she is a sweet heart. i loved her on oprah, i loved her on ellen, i loved her on snl..just wonderful.
    i recently purchased her bracelet from her website, and it is also wonderful. so i can’t wait to get some of these dresses that she has had a hand in designing. (:

  31. casandra says:

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG these are so cute taylor not only are you a talented artist, a good rolemodel, and extremely pretty, you have a wonderful sense of style! Thanks for putting them into Wal-Mart, I love shopping there! I will def get one of your dresses for the spring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 THnx so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Mia says:

    Omg Taylor Swift is my role model i love her. She has syle, she’s a great artist and is so incredibly nice.

  33. Mia says:

    I’m your #1 FAN IN THE UNIVERSE!!

  34. Sara says:

    Ahhh!!! These dresses are soo awesome i already bought 3 of them and its the middle of winter!! I wear them with cowboy boots and they work soo perfectly taylor swift OWNS she’s the besttttt person/singer/person alive!! luvv ya taylor!! and i love these dresses too!!

  35. Hailey says:

    Hey I love Taylor Swift!!!!!!!!!!!
    Go Taylor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    : )

  36. Tiana Kaucic says:

    Oppps i nearly forgot the black one would math my iphone.

  37. Carolina says:

    i bought one of them n i didnt know those were by Taylor

  38. Brianna says:

    Hi, Taylor i already bought 7 of the sundresses at walmart, they are SO cute, and im wearing this yellow one with my really cute cow girl booooots. I love them!!

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