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The Glitz And Glamour Of The Spring 2011 New York Fashion Week

0 Comments 19 October 2010

The most coveted week during the start of the spring season is the fashion week where the best designers gather together for a week long show of their best works of art for the season. Their contribution to the fashion industry will again cause tantamount appreciation from fashion critics as they please the public with their wonderful creations that may set the fashion wheel turning in motion.

Carolina Herrara

The adventurous outlook of designers in making their captivating designs is limitless. The celebration of uniqueness and eastern and western combination of styles won over the hearts of many in the fashion industry. Carolina Herrera fell in love with Eastern details and made it a motif for her Spring 2011 fashion week collections. The riot of colors and prints were the artistic details of her day dresses using hats that are wide brimmed as accessories completed the entire look of eastern touch. For evening wear the dresses in the runway showed off the magnificent and delicate artwork of the Korean national dress.

Milly by Michelle

Eastern designs and prints dominated the timeless collection of artistic creation and patterns in the Spring 2011 designs of Milly by Michelle Smith. The bold look of different color mixtures such as orange, green and white alike made a statement in the fashion industry. As well as the tribal mixture of prints and accessories made an impact on the top looks of the evening.

David Dolphin

On the other hand, Davidelfin a renowned designer known in the fashion industry as the creative thinker of David Dolphin’s creation geared on modern looks that have dominance on neutral and primary colors as his designs for the casual attire collections. The clean, lean and minimalist appeal on his designs focused on the trend of the 90’s and with it the mixture for the spring 2011 styles were a magnificent piece of work.

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