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The Go-to Guide for Choosing the Right Sunglasses for your Face shape

0 Comments 25 June 2013

Sunglasses are a summertime staple but choosing the right sunglasses for your face shape may seem like a challenging ordeal.  Don’t feel you have to compromise on style, there is a pair of sunglasses to suit your all face shapes.  With our go-to guide, take the stress out of the picking process and inject some fun into your shopping experience.


Oval-shaped faces are blessed with harmonious and balanced proportions meaning you are free to experiment with almost any sunglasses style.  When choosing your sunglasses, do bare in mind the proportions of your features so as not to drown your face and create an unsightly bug-eyed look.  Rectangular and square frames will add some definition and angles to your face whilst round styles will soften your look.


If you fall into the square-shaped face category, your face is characterised by a strong jawline and broad forehead.  Opt for round styles which will soften your features and create a balanced look.  Avoid square styles or angular frames as these will only exaggerate your features rather than enhancing them.  Cat-eyed frames will also suit square shaped faces as they flatter broad features.


Oblong-shaped faces are longer than they are wide.  In short, an elongated oval shape.  The best sunglasses for these face shapes are ones that are wider than they are long, in order to balance out your proportions.  Round or square shaped sunnies will suit these face shapes whilst decorative or contrasting temples will add width to these faces.


If you have no angles and a face shape which is circular and the same in width and length then minimize the curves of your face with angular or rectangular styles which will add definition to your face shape.  The main goal here is to elongate and slim down your face so choose frames which are equal to or a slightly wider than the widest part of your face.

Remember when choosing your sunglasses that they have a minimum of 99% protection against harmful UV rays.  Find out more here.

Author Bio: Rebecca is a sartorially savvy fashionista who is constantly on the lookout for exciting pieces and the latest trends.  She is writing on behalf of Barnard Levit.

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