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The Magic Materials Handbags Are Made Of

0 Comments 07 February 2013

Okay okay, the materials that handbags are made of might not be magical, but whatever they are, woman will do wonders for them. Since the ancient times handbags have grown from a being a practicality to a necessity and now even into fashion statement. Have you ever wondered what these wonderbags are made of? Most quality bags are made from leather, but it surely isn’t that straight forward. There are numerous leathers to choose from, and some are just a tad bit more special than others.

Low Quality vs High Quality Materials


The fact of the matter is that handbags can be made of almost any material. Have a look at the 1001 Diamond Nights handbag, made almost entirely out of diamonds, or the Louis Vuitton Urban Satchel, made almost entirely out of ‘Junk’. It’s about so much more than just the material; it is the way it is manipulated and of course, the designer doing the manipulation.

Not everyone can afford the top of the range expensive handbags, so the look-alikes or rip-off will most certainly be made out of different materials than the real thing. These handbags are likely to be made out of faux leather and patch leather and manufactured by the use of machines and mass production.

The high quality materials that are being used to construct and fabricate the expensive designer bags are most likely very rare materials that cannot be used for mass production. The value of the handbag is also representative of craftsmanship that went into the manufacturing process. Some of these bags take ages to construct and others have individuals beading for hours on end just to get one handle or pocket perfect. The more people involved in hand sewing really adds to quality of the handbag involved.

Let us take a look at some of these materials, and why they are so great.

The Types of Materials Used for Expensive Handbags

• Snakeskin
Snakeskin material is associated with a wilder type of design, something more risky and exotic. The material can mostly be stretched two ways and some have more elasticity than others, depending on the age of the leather. Snakeskin fabric can be found in a variety of colors from black to blue and even metallic pink. The type of design will account for the leather being used, for instance, genuine Python is very soft and supple leather.

• Crocodile Skin
Crocodile or alligator leather is known to be a bit firmer and more structured than snakeskin and ostrich leathered materials. One of the most popular crocodile skin handbags is probably the Hermes Birkin Bag, named after Jane Birkin. Crocodile skin is one of the most expensive materials used by this designer and these bags are lined with goat skin as well. Other designers making use of this exotic material is Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Versace and Gucci.

• Cowhide
The main object made out of cowhide is not necessarily handbags, but fashion houses such as Fendi and Coach made use of this expensive highly durable leather to construct their handbags and luggage bags. The strong material can be recognized by the texture noticeable on the material.

The Handbag trends for 2013

Even though attempting to live a more sustainable lifestyle and make ‘green’ choices are the craze, woman will probably be lusting over designer bags until the end of time. The status associated with designer handbags is one of wealth, success and most of all, riches.

It is probably safe to save that designer bags will be making their rounds for a long time. If you are looking to save for your own designer bag, it would be wise to choose something that will last a lifetime. Think about a timeless shape, a good size and a neutral color that can be worn with most outfits.

But if you are one of those lucky ladies that can afford to follow the trends, ethnic tribal bags, exotic prints, envelope shapes as well as the oval shape seems to be on trend for the year 2013. For the medium sized oval shaped bag opt for the fashionable Alexander Wang or Burberry Prorsum bag. Bottega Veneta has a range of exotic leather handbags available this season and Christian Dior and Chloe has the perfect classical envelope shape in store. Marc Jacobs’ ostrich leather range is definitely also a must-have for this season.

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