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The New Jacket: Stonewashed Denim, Couture in the City Fashion Blog

1 Comment 17 July 2007


Cameron Diaz at Live Earth (source)


Scarlet Johansson (source)

I think I see a really refreshing, “California-girl” trend going on here…blonde locks plus a casual stone washed denim jacket=a pretty cute look. Paired with a tank top and pants or shorts, this is quite possibly the most effortless trend of the summer. You can always make like Cameron and top your look off with a cool hat or jewelry to make this look your own.

And then, there are some that abuse this trend…


Kirsten Dunst (source)

We can almost always count on Kiki Dunst for a good fashion chuckle. At least we know that she is wearing shorts because we can see them through her see through top. Now, I’m sure that she was probably caught at a bad moment, perhaps after one too many mojitos, but she did step out for the evening in that outfit in the first place. Ugh…I guess my point is, don’t use the stonewashed denim jacket to cover up a bad look.

What do you think of the stonewashed jacket look? Is it cute, or too much of a 90’s throwback?

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1 comment

  1. Jen says:

    Stonewashed ANYTHING is a fashion crime unless you want to look like “trailer trash”. Only someone like Scarlet can pull it off! I think my circa mid 1980’s stonewashed denim Guess jacket will stay in the attic.
    On a side note, Kirstin looks like she drank more than a few LOL… She can’t even stand up!

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