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The New Little Black Dress…Too Little? Couture in the City Fashion Blog

0 Comments 12 August 2007


Niki Hilton


Helena Christensen


Amanda Bynes (source)

Since the beginning of time, us so-called fashion experts have been telling you that there is one item of clothing that every woman should have in her closet…the infamous little black dress. I’m serious, if you don’t have one, shame on you because they are so darn versatile. That pair of yellow pumps you’ve been dying to wear? That metallic oversized bag that won’t go with anything else? That over the top, but oh-so-gorgeous necklace that is begging to be taken out? Yep, the little black dress would go with them all.

But here’s the thing…lately celebs have been taking the “little” in little black dress very seriously. Too seriously for those of us that don’t have a professional leg waxer on speed dial, if you know what I mean. While the rest of the world may have paired these dresses with leggings or, gasp, jeans, celebs like Niki, Helena and Amanda know that they can get away with such scandalous hemlines.

And who knows? Maybe you can too…as long as no dignity-reducing wardrobe malfunctions occur, it’s allright with me. If you dare to take the little black dress to the next level as well, check out these designs available at LeFashionista:


Misile “St. Laurent Street” Dress, was $290.00, now $180.00


Prospect 44 Velvet Babydoll Mini, $160.00

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