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The Next Fashion Must-Have’s

0 Comments 03 September 2010

Are you one of those fashionistas who’s just always itching to get their hands on the next “it” thing in the fashion industry?

With all the latest fashion trends that is popping out in the market by the week, who wouldn’t be? It is every girl’s dream to wake up in the morning, put on some make-up, get into a fancy dress, spray on a bit of perfume, & go to a party, catching everyone’s eye.

Padded Cup Elastic Corset – $80.00

Talking about the new fashion trends out in the market today, did you know that corsets are making a comeback? It’s those things that make women’s (& men’s) waists into smaller sizes, pretty much like a bustier. Only, a bustier is meant only to shape the body, but not so much that it alters it drastically, which a corset does. Both the corset & bustier are making a comeback, as seen in the latest Megan Fox movie.

Tory Burch’s cotton and spandex denim jeans, worn with Ra-re’s polyester and spandex down parka and Bumboo’s organic cotton and viscose T-shirt.

Denim is always part of the fashion industry, and it’s not saying goodbye just yet. Denim doesn’t go out of style, it flows with it. This season, the jeans that are in style are skinny, torn, of dirty khaki, gray, blue or black colors type’s—best combined with long sweaters or tops.

Aum Clothing – Aum Flower Eco-Slouch Pullover – $48

Another fashion news is the all out total turnover of fashion going green. Fashion designers today are deciding to go green, making environmental friendly clothes & apparels for the new generations.

It’s no wonder though, thinking about how everything is slowly, but surely, making a turnover to a greener pasture. Surely, even the more famous fashion designers are making a heads up into going green. As was said in New York’s fashion shows, “environmentally friendly clothing designs and fabrics are here to stay”.

Just like everything else in this world, fashion style evolves, making every woman want to be updated with every style & trend in the market.

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