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The Pocket Alternatives

0 Comments 16 May 2013

One of the greatest challenges of looking good and keeping a simple appearance is ensuring you have everything you need. That cute sundress or those sleek high waisted spring yellow pants won’t come with pockets if you’re going for the slimmest cut possible. And even if you do have pockets, you probably don’t want to stuff them full of stuff just for the simple fact that it will lead to bulkier hips and an unflattering stretching shadow across your waist and tummy.

So what’s to be done? The fanny pack is hard to make fashionable. After all, thick black straps and polyester barely look presentable in the most tasteful manners. And carrying around a traditional purse, no matter how cute it is, can sometimes be a hassle. Having something attached to you that does not make you look bulky is the best option. Here are some options you should consider.

Silk Sling Purse

The messenger bag used to be the only real alternative available in the States to the fanny pack. The silk sling purse actually comes from India and Thailand. The slim design makes it perfect for carrying everything from your lipstick and sunscreen to your cellphone and Kindle so you can check out the Diary of a Wimpy Kid eBook for your kids or catch up on the latest news. This purse can be worn in a variety of ways. The sleek stylish silk fabric makes it look classy and exotic. You can also get it in a number of colors to complement any outfit.

Clip or Belt Purse

Similar to the silk sling purse is the clip purse. It is a much smaller purse that clips onto your belt loops. It looks best when combined with hip scarves. Just remember to wear it with higher waisted clothing if you have fuller hips. This way the purse will follow the natural outline of your hips without making you look chunky. Wearing it too low will emphasize the widest point. These are not overly expensive. If you like the looser and more natural look, you can opt for a tying one. If you want something more secure, then you will want one with an actual metal clip.

Arm Purse

This little purse actually hearkens back to a much older time. The Babylonians and Assyrians often carried certain belongings in small pouches attached to their left arms. The family crests, insignias, and other relevant markings warned thieves away. Aside from making your bicep look quite muscular and you a lot tougher, the other benefit of this arm purse is that it’s very convenient. Just make sure that you opt for a secure one. While the traditional arm purse was tied on, most manufacturers make them with Velcro. They are most popular among runners, weight lifters, and other athletes as it keeps their phone, identification, and anything else they need. This keeps their possessions from smacking against their legs and is generally more secure. However, this purse will be exposed to more sweat than the other purses. You’ll want to opt for a darker color if possible.

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