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This Fall Create A Bolder Look By Wearing Tops With Ties

0 Comments 23 September 2010

Tradition emphasizes that ties are more often than not worn by men. With such new fashion trends, creating a diversified look and a bolder statement need not very difficult. Men and women now share a look giving rise to a newer image and setting new fashion trends on fire with the brilliance of style and contrast.

Donning a Nicola Finetti Sheer Neck Tie Shirt and an Alice + Olivia Shoshanna Jabot Blouse with Tie in White is an added flavor to a more intense fashion style by women. Such creates the perfect blend of stripping half the masculine touch and adding forth a feminine look thereby creating a statement of sheer beauty and diverse elegance. In addition to it the privilege of flexibility it gives women to don such attire enables them to experiment more on how it should be worn.

In wearing such get up, women need to be careful so as not to exude too much manly vibes. Being fashionably feminine is a challenge as one keeps track with the new fashion trends of modern days. Wearing the tie loosely and pairing it with high heeled shoes can definitely create a signature look, the look which most celebrities sport and because of such its popularity never fails to thrive even more.

Showing off some skin as one leaves the shirt semi unbuttoned could really be sexy too. Accessorizing the look can also accentuate one’s fashion statement, and pairing it with miniskirts can very well own up to the feminine look of it. New fashion trends have experimented on men’s fashion as well as it incorporates women’s style of clothing to the masculine look of men. It has broaden its horizon as time goes by and like the principle of change it will forever continue to transform and take numerous shapes as it aims for perfection.

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