Three New Ways to Wear Braids

0 Comments 01 June 2011

Sienna Miller

Braids are showing no sign of stopping in their popularity. A-listers have been sporting every style — from side braids, to milkmaid braids, to cornrow braids. It’s no surprise: Braids are easy and beach-ready, plus they’re a creative way to keep cool on a hot day. Mix it up with these three new styles I predict will be hot this upcoming summer.

Fishtail Braid

This braid, also known as a mermaid braid, gets its name for its resemblance to a certain fish part. Though it looks like it’s two sections of hair that are twisted together, it’s more like a French braid in that you’re constantly adding sections of hair to the braid as you go.


These tiny braids are a Boho girls’ best friend and couldn’t be easier to do. Simply braid a small section (under 1/2 inch) underneath your hair, near your face. Secure with a small, clear rubber band. Extra points for adding in a ribbon or brightly colored clip-in extension.

Double French Braid

For a casual-chic ’do, try a duo of French braids, inspired by the style recently worn by actress Amy Smart. To keep it from looking too junior, part hair off-center and create a French braid on each side. Tuck the tails under for a more sophisticated look.

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