Three Short Video Services eCommerce Businesses Can Leverage

0 Comments 15 August 2013

Social media marketing has increased in importance for the various eCommerce businesses. While most businesses had to rely primarily on text content, image based content has rapidly started to claim its share of the market. Not surprisingly, videos are becoming just as popular. In fact, they are more likely to be shared than images and text, and brand based videos see the most success.

One of the tricks that Social Media Watch and Ignite Social Media recommend is that eCommerce stores focus on short videos. Short videos are classified as videos that run 30 seconds or less. Some may even be as short as five seconds. The purpose is to get the brand out there. It also takes advantage of a number of short video services that allow eCommerce stores to promote their products and recommend creative uses. Here are some of the best.


Vine video services have been taking the social media marketing world by surprise. At first, the experts did not think that these short videos would have much effect. Initially, a video could not go beyond 6.5 seconds. Yet businesses and consumers started making the most of these short videos, using them to promote everything from projects using fashion website templates to directions on how to restring guitars and everything else in between. The shortness of the videos make them easy to share and easy for people to justify taking the time to watch. Vine has some of the most expansive tools. It allows its own mixers, and it has a fast growing community. Videos can be shared and promoted through the usual methods.


Instagram had already gained quite a following for its image based services. However, when it saw the increased popularity of Vine and the demand for short videos, they released their own video service. But they tried to improve on it. Videos can be as long as 15 seconds, and they are automatically plugged into all of the search features for Instagram. For eCommerce stores that already have a good following on Instagram, the Instagram short video service works very well. However, links still do not work when placed in the description feed.


Not surprisingly, YouTube has no intention of letting any video service get an advantage over it. They just recently released their own short video service. This particular video service allows for 16 second videos, but users can string them together to form hour long videos. It comes with a number of editing tools. All of the editing can be done within the app itself. Additionally, it comes with sharing features already installed. However, at this point, usernames and commenting features are not permitted. People can share the MixBit videos that they like, and they are inclined to share the ones that they enjoy even more when they are short. However, you will have to make sure that you promote your Mixbit videos as it is unlikely that they will be found unless you have built up a solid following within the short period that the service has been available.

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