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Today’s Couture – Louis Vuitton

0 Comments 18 April 2008

Louis Vuitton

Welcome to the world of Louis Vuitton. Now available to us all is this essential designer travel wear. Branded by Marc Jacobs, this collection has become one of the most powerful and stylish iconic accessories today. It dosen’t matter where you go. A Louis Vuitton boutique is there.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez – who was a spokesmodel for Louis Vuitton in 2003

Naomi Campbell

Naomi Campbell – is the international face for the Louis Vuitton brand

This international icon, has taken on many faces. Over the years we have seen many spokesmodels for the designer brand. Such high flyers as Jennifer Lopez , Naomi Campbell, and kate Moss. Have been the face and new image for Louis. Each perfecting the forever changing leather.

Kate Moss for Louis Vuitton

Kate Moss – Iconed the forever changing faces of Vuitton

Keith Richards

Keith Richards, the newest and latest spokesmodel rocks with Louis

Keith Richards, the legendary guitarist and songwriter, and founding member of The Rolling Stones, is the latest celebrity to feature in Louis Vuitton’s advertising campaign. Produced by Ogilvy & Mather, the campaign restates travel as the fundamental and defining value of Louis Vuitton, interpreting it as a personal journey and a process of self-discovery.

In this latest visual, photographed by Annie Leibovitz, Keith Richards is pictured cradling his guitar in a hotel room he has transformed by draping black scarves with skull motifs over the lamps and placing a skull on a bedside table.

This successful and forever changing brand will I’m sure continue to re-invent itself with the latest of fashionable leather designs for bags, gloves, and other LV accessories that we enjoy. The world of Louis Vuitton has just begun, with many iconic faces to come.

Source: Louis Vuitton, MSN, Google, AP

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