Today’s Jewelry Takes On Some Texan Style With Artisan Patricia Tschetter

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Patricia Tschetter is a jewelry diva to reckon with! Her designs are gorgeously universal, and intricate to say the least. Tschetter is knows as a “Jeweler’s jeweler” in the industry because of her unique skill and expertise in extremely difficult artisanal and cutting-edge techniques.

She is a true expert in alloying her own metals. Especially with her ‘Gold Granulation’ techniques. She is a master at ‘Korean Keum-bu’ and is renowned for her Russian inspired reticulation.


Her stones used for her pieces are only the very best. Including choices of rare Paraiba tourmalines and Chrome Diopside.


A resident of Dallas, TX. Her work is sold in several boutiques and galleries in and around Dallas and coast to coast across California, in Florida and in New York.

Not only is she a talented artisan, she is also a winning artist. Her work has pulled in notary with the Saul Bell Award for which she won a National Ad campaign.

Go to to view more of this fashionably decadent collection.

Article by © Jacqueline H. – Senior Writer, Editor 2009

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