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Too Much Prettiness in One Relationship: Brad and Angelina Split 

2 Comments 28 January 2010

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According to “sources” and a former FBI agent who is an expert at body language, are calling the whole thing off.

Then again, according to other “sources” they’re so in love it’s sickening.

Evidence for the break-up include Examiner.com’s analysis of the couple’s body language on the red carpet recently, reports that Brad has bought his own place complete with man-cave to get away from Angelina, reports of fights over custody of the couple’s 35 children, a rumored affair between Jolie and her dialogue coach on the movie Salt, and hints at Brad’s excessive drinking.

This story may have originated with The National Enquirer, but hey, so did the stuff about John Edwards, which turned out to be accurate. When it comes to pretty people having problems, the Enquirer apparently knows its stuff.

Those urging Pitt to get out of the relationship include his family and ex-wife Jennifer Aniston, who the tabloids insist on continuing to draw as victim in the situation, despite having not been married to Pitt for over five years.

According to British Tabloid The Sun, the couple have already started drawing up the particulars of splitting up the assets, reportedly worth some $330 million.

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  1. This rumor has been going around for a while. If they really are splitting up, I just hope the kids won’t be affected. They can’t go adopting and then just make trouble for those kids lives.

  2. Dina says:

    i didn’t believe it at first but then they didn’t show up for some major awards show which seemed odd. So, now I’m thinking it’s true.

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