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Top 10 Ways to Dress Like Your Favorite Celebrity

2 Comments 21 November 2007

They say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery there is…so show your favorite celebs how much you love them by stealing their style! If you love Gwen Stefani’s oddball chic look or Reese Witherspoon’s classic elegence, we can show you the top 10 ways to dress like your favorite celebrity…without losing your own sense of style.

1. Quality over Quantity:


Reese Witherspoon (source)

If you have A-list tastes, but a working girls budget, then go for quality over quantity. One black or white cashmere sweater costs the same as three trendy sweaters from Old Navy; but with good care, the cashmere is a timeless investment piece. Consider quality instead of quantity for sensible star style.

2. Accessorize:


Cameron Diaz (source)

Cameron Diaz may be the queen of accessories in Hollywood…consider this outfit sans hat, belt, boots and great bag…snoozer, right? By pairing classy pieces in classic black, she looks put together, and not overdone.

3. Timeless, not trendy:


Jennifer Hudson (source)

It’s easy for new stars like Jennifer Hudson to be woo-ed by all of the freebies designers throw at them. If you are curvy, like J-Hud, then some of those crazy designer styles won’t work with your frame. Stick to timeless and elegent pieces (and what isn’t more timeless than great cleavage, right?) for a classy look.

4. The Coat:


Hayden Panettiere (source)

Peacoat or trenchcoat, there is nothing sexier and more feminine when it comes to jackets. Just go get one right now, and don’t argue with me. Put away your boyfriends’ oversized jacket, forget about those puffy bomber styles and just TRUST ME.

5. The Cut:


Amy Adams (source)

If there is one edge that celebs have over us everyday fashionistas, it’s probably a good stylist and an even better tailor. Imagine how Amy Adams would look if her pants were too baggy or too tight? These are PERFECT and make her look like a million bucks, so the lesson here is to get the right fit. Don’t let vanity get in the way of a good fit either…if those size 10 pants at the Gap fit better than your usual size 8′s, get them anyway. Stuffing yourself into too-small pants just make matters worse.

6. The Bag:


Blake Lively (source)

If you only have two purses in your entire wardrobe, then do yourself a favor and get the following: one metallic or black clutch for evening and one oversized leather (or imitation leather) carryall for day. That’s all you need for simple star style!

7. Fabrics:


Anne Hathaway (source)

Celebs have access to some of the finest fabrics in the world…maybe you don’t, but you can fake it! If you are brave enough for satin, then always opt for the shiny stuff for extra star power.

8. Shoes:


Jessica Simpson (source)

Great shoes are the foundation of any look…so if you are low on cash, this is where you should invest the most money. Every fashionista needs a pair of flats, a pair of heels, a pair of boots, a pair of sandals and a pair of sneakers at the very least. If you invest your money wisely on a quality pair of each, they will last a long time, unlike lower quality and cheaper shoes.

9. Hair and Makeup:


Eva Longoria (source)

Whenever I think of the new Mrs. Parker, I don’t think about her clothes, but of her ultra glam look. Eva always has full-on hair and makeup, even if she’s slumming in her posh track suits at the airport. Well done hair and makeup will make a plain tee shirt and jeans look hot, so if this is your favorite aspect of fashion, work it!

10. Your Signature Style:


Mary Kate Olsen (source)

The best piece of advice that I can give you is to create a signature style of your own. This is easier than it sounds…just focus on your favorite type of fashion statement (just one!) and do it the best. Love shoes? Then be the next Emelda Marcos. Love makeup? Become a master artist. Even if it’s just having a great handbag collection, your signature style will be noticed (and envied) if you love it and make yourself a fashion expert. For me, right now it’s having a fashionable toddler (what can I say, these hip Hollywood mom’s inspire me!) but I also have an excellent earring collection, and people do notice. Take something and make it yours for A-list style the stars would be envious of!

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