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Top 5 Best Dressed Men, Details Power Issue

1 Comment 28 November 2007

Behind every well dressed man is probably a well dressed stylist or significant other…such is probably the case with our fave best dressed male celebs listed below. In no particular order, here is our top 5 best dressed men in Hollywood:


Justin Timberlake (source)

It may come as a surprise to some of you to research old photos of JT back in his early years…one photo I found featured heavily gelled hair, a green t-shirt and a leather jacket. Oy. Now well cut suits and ties grace his onstage and street look and we couldn’t be happier.


David Beckham (source)

When your wife is “Posh” spice, Vickie B, you already are signed up for an excellent wardrobe. Beckham’s endless hours on the field have given him a bod that makes jeans and a white shirt look good, but a spot-on sense of style has him always looking turned out.


Usher Raymond (source)

Like Justin Timberlake, Usher Raymond has some fashion skeletons hanging in his closet…you wouldn’t know it though by looking at him now. Never scruffy and trendy and always classicly refined, Usher looks more like a male model than an international star.


George Clooney (source)

Le sigh…Clooney is our generations’ Carey Grant and Gregory Peck rolled into one, no? Sure, his well dressed resume consists of tuxedo’s and sport jackets, but he looks so good in them that I couldn’t resist adding him to our list.


Brad Pitt (source)

He may seem like another obvious choice, but Pitt has been a long time member of the best dressed men’s club. He can easily navigate from scruffy-chic to debonnaire like the flip of a switch. Though his jet-set lifestyle has had him looking a little dull lately, I think that we can still count on him to turn it out on the red carpet.

And, it saddens me to say, but my choice for worst dressed is:johnny-depp.jpg

Johnny Depp (source)

Why one of the most beautiful men in the world has to dress like a homeless Britney Spears all the time simply evades me. His trademark look for the last few years has been tattered clothing and fedora’s over long greasy hair, and it breaks my heart. The cheekbones! The lips! The physique! A proper haircut and toned down wardrobe would do wonders, but I guess he’s an artist or whatever, so I’ll have to watch “Pirate’s of the Caribbean” to get a proper Depp fix.

Your favorite celeb wasn’t listed here? Then check out Details magazine’s December “Power and Influence” issue for the top 50 powerful and influential men under 45. They even have a special section dedicated to fashion here.

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  1. stefano says:

    usher you are the best:D hehe

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